Basic Care for your Pet

Are you looking for a little DIY? We can give you all the tips you need right here! We will also mention the correct way to do it, rather than the easy way. So be ready to do some work and keep your pet healthy and looking good!


How difficult can it be, right? Grab a brush and pass it through your dog’s/cat’s hair… yeah, right. We wish it were that easy. First things first, ALL PETS NEED BRUSHING BECAUSE ALL PETS SHED.  Unless you have a hairless pet, in that case, lucky you!

Watch our video on how to properly brush your dog and the consequences of not doing so by clicking HERE.

Short-hair Pets

What you need:

Smooth/Soft tooth brush

Smooth soft tooth

Narrow tooth comb

Narrow comb

Yes, even your little short-hair Chihuahua sheds, doesn’t it? A lot of owners think that their little short-hairs don’t need to be brushed just because they can’t get tangles, but then they wonder why is it that sometimes during the year they completely cover their furniture and clothes with hair! Even if it is short, new hair grows on top of old hair if the latter isn’t brushed off. So help your pet and yourself by grabbing a smooth tooth brush or a narrow tooth comb and passing it through the coat at least once a week. Maybe not much will come out, but you will notice that sometimes, especially as the summer comes and ends, a lot of hair will fly out of your short-hair and it will definitely make a difference in the shedding seasons.


You will need:

A big comb

Big comb

A small narrow tooth comb

Narrow comb

A brush (soft or hard teeth)


This scenario is the one under which we ask, even beg our customers to please brush their dog. If you love your long-hair pet, make sure he or she is healthy and happy by brushing the coat properly. Watch our video on how to properly brush your dog and the consequences of not doing so by clicking HERE.

Why brush your long-hair pet? What can you expect from your grooming experience? When you just let them tangle and mat without brushing them, the mats just twist on themselves, making them lock harder on the skin, pulling it and sometimes bruising it. If you just brush the top with a soft tooth brush, you are basically just fluffing the top over a bed of hair-mats that you are pushing down towards the skin. It might feel good on the top, but if you actually take your finger and touch the skin, then pull up, you will notice the hair won’t give in or it will hardly do so. This is when you come to a groomer because your dog smells bad (hair mats lock the bad smell in) and you expect us to just make those mats disappear and give you a beautiful long hair dog back. If the mating is too close to the skin and/or is too solid, you must understand there is nothing we can do except shave your pet. Dematting it won’t just hurt it a lot because of how close the mat is to the sensitive skin, but most times it’s even impossible for us to try because the mats are too solid.

How to do it right

Step #1: Take the big comb and take the teeth down to the skin, and move it outward. This way, you will know how bad the mats and/or tangles are. If your comb doesn’t go through at all, or if you have to pull so hard you hurt your pet, please stop and take it to a groomer as soon as you can. At this point it is too late for you to start your proper brushing and only a professional brushing or a haircut will be the best choice. If your big comb goes through fairly easy, pass it again until there is nothing obstructing it. Do this on the entire body.



Step #2: Once everything passes easily through the big comb, grab your narrow teeth comb and do the same on the entire body. Remember, if it doesn’t comb easily, pass it again in the same spot until the tangle/mat is gone and your comb passes with no obstruction. Just like you do with your own hair: when you have a tangle, all you have to do is brush it over and over again towards the tips until it untangles.




Step #3: Once the whole body shows no obstruction to the narrow comb, take your brush and gently brush the entire body. The brush will take all of those tiny tangles that you brought up with your comb and it will get rid of all the lose hair that you also brought to the surface with the preview steps.


Pictures of what a bed of hair-mats with a brushed top looks like (and reason for which we can’t save it back to being long or curly):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



We recommend that you take your pet somewhere, even if it’s not with us, to get your pet’s nails cut by a professional. Experience makes this a very fast and easy task, but it can be dangerous and painful for your pet if you end up cutting too much.

Nevertheless, if you insist on doing it at home, let us give you a couple of tips about how to do it properly and safely.

First, get a CLOSE ENDED nail cutter. When it is open ended, there are more chances and more angles on which you can hurt the dog or yourself. The blades, even if they just pinch, can cut you or your pet because of how sharp they usually are.


Second, identify where the “quick” is. The quick would be the equivalent of your fingertips. When you cut your nails, you try to do it carefully and just short enough to not grab your fingertips with your nail cutter. When your pet has white nails, it’s easy to identify the quick because you will see it with a light pink color, but when they are black, you can’t see them at all and only someone with experience will be able to do it. To do it yourself would be too risky if you can’t see up to where is safe to cut.


Third, cut FORWARD from where you see the end of the quick. This is recommended because sometimes even if you lightly touch it or scrape it, some quicks are very sensitive or light colored, which makes them more prone to bleed.

It is recommended that you cut your pet’s nails at least once every two weeks. If you do, the quick is trained to grow shorter, which will eventually help your pet by making the nails grow slower. In Pink Poodle, we only charge $10 to cut the nails and $15 if you want them filed, too.

What’s the difference between nail cutting and filing? When you cut the nails (with a nail cutter), you break the layers of the nail, which makes them sharp and edgy. The nail filer rounds the nail by blending those layers and makes them soft. Filing helps us go shorter on the nails without the fear of cutting and it also helps the nails grow slower. This task can only be done with a nail filer and we recommend that you only do it with a professional. If you do have a nail filer at home, please be careful since you can also make your pet bleed by filing too close to the quick.


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