Love dogs and cutting hair? Become our Apprentice and become a dog groomer!

We are looking for a motivated, ambitious, and hard-working individual that wishes to make pet grooming a life career. (Cutting and styling dog/cat hair)

Why become a pet groomer?
1. It’s fun!
2. There’s something new happening everyday
3. It’s challenging
4. You never stop growing, there is always something new to learn and new trends to keep up with!
5. It is as profitable as you want it to be! (Depending on the amount of haircuts you make a day, your WEEKLY paycheck can range from $500 to $1000+ in our shop)

Our Master Groomer is willing to train the right person FOR FREE in exchange of dedication, loyalty, honesty, and hard-work. The job description:

  • IT IS A PAID POSITION, not an internship in which YOU pay or volunteer. Your salary will start at $8 the hour while you learn everything you need to know and will increase with your knowledge and responsibilities. Once you graduate, you will be offered a COMMISSION position as an official Pink Poodle MAIN GROOMER. Commission can range between 40% and 50% once you are a graduated groomer.
  • IT IS A FULL-TIME POSITION. We would need you to work from Tuesday to Saturday and your working hours can range from 6 to 12 hours a day (depending on how busy we are).
  • IT IS A CHALLENGING POSITION. Besides the long hours, we get all kinds of dogs and cats of different breeds, personalities, and necessities. Additionally, our quality standards are very high and the whole staff is involved in providing high quality service to each customer, not just the groomer.
  • IT IS A DRAMA FREE/DRUG FREE AND FUN ENVIRONMENT. We all work in a team and we all consider each other family. We like to work together and we love what we do. We have kept our business drama free for a long time and we are not willing to change that. None of us do drugs and we are also not willing to work with someone who is struggling with a drug addiction.

    We don’t require any experience or any type of job experience that is related to grooming, cutting hair and/or animals. But, because of the description that was mentioned above, we cannot just take anyone. We do require you to:

  • Be drug-free (we are fine if you are a smoker or if you are a social drinker, but anything outside of that we cannot tolerate)
  • Must love dogs/cats!
  • Be highly motivated, a hard-worker, and a team player
  • Be a positive person
  • Be willing to learn new things everyday
  • Have RELIABLE transportation
  • Have flexible hours… we never know if we are having a busy day or a slow day!
  • BE PATIENT… being good at what we do takes time. We need someone who is willing to invest his/her time in properly learning and eventually, perfectly executing each given task.

    Interested? Send us an email to with your resume, a small motivation letter and contact information. Thank you and have a great day! ❤

Now Hiring!

Hello everyone!

As we posted before, we are looking for a full-time FINISHED groomer. That means, someone who already knows how to do haircuts. We are still looking! But now we also have other openings available!

We are looking for:

  • A bather/dryer
    • A person who bathes and/or dries our customers, handles them, brushes them, and has basic responsibilities like cleaning.
  • A rougher
    • A person who has basic knowledge of grooming equipment and has basic knowledge of how to detangle and brush dogs, and that has some blade/clipper knowledge.

Job description:

  • Full-time job, approx. 9 hours a day (Sundays and Mondays off)
  • Weekly pay (starting at $8/hour and goes up after training completion)
  • A lot of interaction with dogs of all breeds and all natures
  • Some interaction with cats
  • Growth opportunities: basically, if you are okay with what you’re doing, you can stay as a bather/dryer/rougher. If you want to learn how to be a groomer, training to become one is for FREE and it comes from a famous MASTER GROOMER. You can go up from bather to rougher and from rougher to groomer if you wish to do so!

Though we don’t need you to have any experience, we do have several requirements:

  • Must like animals!
  • Must be reliable, we need you here every business day!
  • Must have reliable transportation (just to ensure you will be able to be here when you have to)
  • Must have hour flexibility: sometimes we can have normal business hour days, but sometimes we have very long days!
  • Must be able to work in a team
  • Must be willing learn new things

If you are interested or if you know someone who could be interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at Send us a small motivation letter and your resume.

Thank you and have a great day!

Booking quickly!

Hi everyone! So… we are booking pretty quickly. Remember we still have only ONE groomer working, so we can’t take as many a day as we used to. Hopefully, this is our last week without Misty! So please be patient if we don’ have availability on the day you wanted… we are trying our best to fit everyone as soon as we can!

We are hiring!

We are currently hiring FINISHED groomers that want to join the Pink Poodle family!

* Full-time position (from Tuesday to Saturday)
* Over 8 hours a day of work (some days, usually weekends)
* Commission salary (per dog groomed) 40%-50% commission
* Local family business, not a big corporation
* Busy days bring a fast-paced and fun environment for everyone
* At least 10 dogs per groomer a day! Which brings the potential of making OVER $600 (depending on the amount of dogs groomed) a week!

* Be a FINISHED groomer, you must already know how to finish your own haircuts.
* Know how to hand scissor.
* We don’t require education or certificates, but we require some EXPERIENCE.
* Knows how to finish breed cuts, such as schnauzers, cockers, bishons, poodles, etc.
* Have a reliable form of transportation
* Be honest and reliable
* Have a positive attitude: NO DRAMA!

Interested in applying? Send us a PM through Facebook or call Andrea Sleeper at 210-491-0221

Booked and Under-staffed

Hello everyone!

We are COMPLETELY booked for this weekend! We do have a waiting list for the people who wish to be called in case someone cancels or doesn’t show up.

We are still under-staffed and unfortunately, we will continue to be next week. Misty is still recovering from her back surgery and we want her to be fully recovered before coming back to work. So again, we appreciate your patience and comprehension. We are doing our best to give as many appointments as we can a day and to finish your pets in reasonable times (considering that we only have 1 groomer).

Thank you and have a great day! ❤

May Announcement #3!

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, this Saturday May 23, 2015, we won’t be able to make appointments for full grooms, we will only be able to take BATH ONLYs and small TRIMS. As you know, Misty will still be recovering from her surgery and Cathy, the owners, will be out of town and won’t be able to make it.

We appreciate your patience and your comprehension! ❤

May Announcement #2

Hello everyone! This is the second important announcement of this month.

This weekend (meaning Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 of May) we will be understaffed because our main groomer Misty is having surgery! We will appreciate it if you are patient and understanding. If you call us to make an appointment and we say we don’t have any availability, it is because we really don’t. A groomer can only do so many dogs in a day!

We will continue to be understaffed the whole week from May 19 to May 23, since Misty will still be in recovery. We are trying our best to keep things going in a way that we can take as many customers a day as possible.

Thank you for your love and support! ❤

May Announcement #1!

We have 2 interns ready to practice and work on their skills. They need to practice in order to be able to become the new generation of Pink Poodle groomers! Give them the chance to practice on your dogs and you will get 15% off on your pet’s summercut! This saves you A LOT of money if you have big dogs in need of a good haircut!

For more information on how to take advantage of this offer, check out our deals and offers webpage!