Holiday ALL INCLUDED Packages are here!


Now through December 31st 2015, we have new ALL INCLUDED Holiday packages available!! Each price for a haircut includes:
* Bath and anal gland expression
* Short or medium length groom
* Nail cut and file
* Oatmeal Shampoo
* Teeth brushing
* Special Holiday Perfume
* Holiday bows or bandana
You save $15!

Prices for baths include:
* Anal gland expression
* Nail cut and file
* Oatmeal Shampoo
* Teeth brushing
* Special Holiday Perfume
* Holiday bows or bandana
You save $10!

All prices are before tax.
Call 210-491-0221 for more info and to make your appointments!


Summer is not over YET… Get 15% off your dog’s summer shavedown!


Yes, the beloved 15% off intern special IS BACK! Andrew and Amanda, our interns, are ready to give your dog an AMAZING summer shavedown for the lowest price of the year! If you want to take advantage of this amazing promo, all you have to do is:

  1. CALL to make an APPOINTMENT with one of our interns! MENTION you want the 15% off intern special. You can either choose the intern you prefer (Andrew or Amanda) or you can mention you don’t have a preference. 210-491-0221
  2. BE AWARE that our interns are JUST LEARNING. They are ready to do simple summer shavedowns, but they are in the process of becoming groomers. They can make mistakes and the result might not look the same as if you had gotten the haircut with a finished groomer.
  3. BE PATIENT. Interns are going to take longer to finish the haircut and they might make mistakes.

If you agree with these steps, then go ahead and call us to make your appointment! Want to know more about our interns? Click here to meet them!

* 15% discount will be applied to your shavedown’s base price. For example, on a big dog, the base price will be $51 instead of $60. Taxes and additional charges for extra services still apply. If you have multiple dogs, the 15% is applied to each dogs' base price individually!

Pet of the week for the third week of July!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not uploading this before, it was a crazy weekend for me! (Birthday + Baby shower) But FINALLY, the winner of July’s third


week: Riley Fortner! This little man has been coming for years to get groomed but this time we did something different: A Half Lion cut with a body hawk which we decided to call the Lion Hawk! Congratulations and enjoy your free nail file!

Pink Poodle on KSAT’s TV show SA LIVE today!!

You read that right! The Pink Poodle will be part of a segment on dog grooming today at 1pm at the SA LIVE show!! Watch us on TV at KSAT or watch the show on live stream right here!
We will be modeling a couple of summer cuts, one of which is Missy, our dog of the week, and we will be sharing a couple of tips for you to keep your dog beautiful and healthy this summer! ❤

Give us your opinion! Please answer this Poll!

The Pink Poodle is looking into the idea of adding a mobile grooming truck for those who prefer to have a faster and more personalized service.

All opinions are welcome! Thank you!

Fourth of July special!



Come this Thursday or Friday and get a flag bandana or bows for FREE upon request! MAKE YOUR PET LOOK GREAT FOR THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

Remember: We are CLOSED on Saturday the fourth.

We are BACK to NORMAL! + New Pet of the Week title!

Hello everyone! Though there are more than just a couple of announcements to be made before this month is over, here are the first two!:

1. We are out of the under-staffed situation!

Finally! We are back to normal, so we are taking more appointments a day. It should now be easier for y’all to come in any day! We really appreciate your patience and comprehension. We had a couple of rough weeks and we felt terrible when we couldn’t bring all of you in when you needed or wanted to. Now that we have all the people we need (the hiring campaign was a success!), we can go back to our normal ways! ❤

2. Starting next week (Tuesday, 6/30/2015), we will have this new thing called PET OF THE WEEK!

Each week, a lucky pet will receive the Pet of the Week award! The selected pet will receive a small card with the title “Pet of the week – Month” and it will be valid for a free prize! Each month, the prize will be different. For this month of July, the prize will be a free nail file… a $12 value! Good luck to all of our customers and their cute pets!
We look forward to introducing our new Pink Poodle staff and having our first July pets of the week… we are very excited!

Love dogs and cutting hair? Become our Apprentice and become a dog groomer!

We are looking for a motivated, ambitious, and hard-working individual that wishes to make pet grooming a life career. (Cutting and styling dog/cat hair)

Why become a pet groomer?
1. It’s fun!
2. There’s something new happening everyday
3. It’s challenging
4. You never stop growing, there is always something new to learn and new trends to keep up with!
5. It is as profitable as you want it to be! (Depending on the amount of haircuts you make a day, your WEEKLY paycheck can range from $500 to $1000+ in our shop)

Our Master Groomer is willing to train the right person FOR FREE in exchange of dedication, loyalty, honesty, and hard-work. The job description:

  • IT IS A PAID POSITION, not an internship in which YOU pay or volunteer. Your salary will start at $8 the hour while you learn everything you need to know and will increase with your knowledge and responsibilities. Once you graduate, you will be offered a COMMISSION position as an official Pink Poodle MAIN GROOMER. Commission can range between 40% and 50% once you are a graduated groomer.
  • IT IS A FULL-TIME POSITION. We would need you to work from Tuesday to Saturday and your working hours can range from 6 to 12 hours a day (depending on how busy we are).
  • IT IS A CHALLENGING POSITION. Besides the long hours, we get all kinds of dogs and cats of different breeds, personalities, and necessities. Additionally, our quality standards are very high and the whole staff is involved in providing high quality service to each customer, not just the groomer.
  • IT IS A DRAMA FREE/DRUG FREE AND FUN ENVIRONMENT. We all work in a team and we all consider each other family. We like to work together and we love what we do. We have kept our business drama free for a long time and we are not willing to change that. None of us do drugs and we are also not willing to work with someone who is struggling with a drug addiction.

    We don’t require any experience or any type of job experience that is related to grooming, cutting hair and/or animals. But, because of the description that was mentioned above, we cannot just take anyone. We do require you to:

  • Be drug-free (we are fine if you are a smoker or if you are a social drinker, but anything outside of that we cannot tolerate)
  • Must love dogs/cats!
  • Be highly motivated, a hard-worker, and a team player
  • Be a positive person
  • Be willing to learn new things everyday
  • Have RELIABLE transportation
  • Have flexible hours… we never know if we are having a busy day or a slow day!
  • BE PATIENT… being good at what we do takes time. We need someone who is willing to invest his/her time in properly learning and eventually, perfectly executing each given task.

    Interested? Send us an email to with your resume, a small motivation letter and contact information. Thank you and have a great day! ❤