NEW To-Go Grooming

We are now offering our mobile grooming services for those who prefer to have their dog picked up and dropped off from their home! No more scheduling, working around your schedule and figuring out the logistics of bringing your best friend to the groomers… we’ll pick them up and drop them off for you!

Pricing for our To-Go services are different from our normal salon’s prices. Please scroll down to find our To-Go Grooming prices. To make an appointment, please follow the steps described below. If you do not follow the steps and call our regular salon’s number, you might not be scheduled!

All NEW customers must provide proof of current vaccinations and flea prevention medications before or the day of pick up. NO EXCEPTIONS. Our customer’s health and safety comes before anything else!

Current waiting time for appointment: 1 Week


Our To-Go Grooming is a mobile service that PICKS UP and DROPS OFF your dog from your home! Choose from our comfortable pick up and drop off schedules, give us your instructions, and let us handle the rest. Your dog will come back home looking great and smelling good! No crates, no waiting time, and everything is included!

Why use our To-Go Grooming?

1. Flexible Schedule

Does your job prevent you from scheduling and committing to a set date and time? Forget about the time you leave or come back home from work or errands, we got your pup’s back! Choose from our multiple shifts of pick up and drop off and we’ll be there to get your pup and bring it back home!

2. NO Crates & NO Waiting

Hate going to the groomer’s because they keep your pup in a crate for too long? Does your pup hate crates and stresses out too much when he or she is confined? Does your pup need a little bit of privacy and less noise? By choosing our To-Go service, your pup will arrive straight to the table, and from the table back home! No crating, no waiting time, and no more stress for you or your fur baby.

3. Personalized Grooming Service

Unlike the first-come-first-served kind of service that you get when you arrive to the groomer’s, your pup will have a designated groomer waiting for him or her! The groomer will work exclusively with your pup from start to finish, and get it ready to go as soon as possible. You will also receive a REPORT CARD of your groomer with information and any notes he or she might have of your pup and its grooming!

4. Inclusive Prices

All of our prices already include all the basic and luxury services your dog needs! Add extra packages for special situations such as flea and tick treatment and de-skunking treatment. For more information on our prices and what they include, scroll down!

5. Monthly Scheduling

Did you love our service and high quality grooming? Want to stop trying to remember to schedule your dog for its monthly groom? Just let us know you want us to continue servicing you and we will add you to our monthly schedule, the days of the month you want, at the times you prefer, and we’ll be there! No more remembering to ask for reminders and setting up… just leave us instructions and we’ll take care of you and your pup! WE ALSO ACCEPT CARDS FOR PAYMENT and automatic withdrawals!

To-Go Grooming Prices

All of our prices include: Bath and bubble massage, the shampoo and conditioner of your choice (all green and natural), anal gland expression, blueberry and oatmeal facial, teeth brushed, hand blow dry, ear plucking and cleaning, nail cutting and filing, brush-out/de-shedding as needed, skin leave-in conditioner, perfume of your choice, and seasonal accessory (bows or bandana).

Extra charges will apply if your pet is: tangled, matted, aggressive, special needs, requires more than 1 groomer, or is in a situation in which it requires extra services such as flea treatments or tick removal.

To-Go Bath Service

Just a bath and brush out, no body clipping or trimming included. Tax not included.

Small – $35  /  Medium – $45  /  Large – $55  /  XL – $65

To-Go Sanitary Cut

Everything included plus trimming of the paws, sanitary and genital area, butt area trimming and face touch-up. Tax not included.

Small – $50  /  Medium – $60  / Large – $70  /  XL – $80

To-Go Haircut Service

Everything included plus sanitary cut plus body trimming or shaving. The more scissoring and pattern required in your selected style, the higher the price. Tax not included.

Small – $57 to $67  /  Medium – $70 to $80  /  Large – $85 to $100  /  XL – $100 to $115

Shampoo & Conditioner Selection (all natural, green, no harsh chemicals, made with organic ingredients): Natural Premium, Deep Cleaning, De-Shedding, Deodorizer for Him, Oatmeal, Oatmeal & Hydro-cortisone, Whitening & Puppy.

Perfume Selection (all oil based, no alcohol): Pink Poodle Signature, For Him Cologne, and Seasonal Perfume.

ADD-ON Flea & Tick Package – $30

Add to any of your packages for $30. Includes: Natural Flea and Tick Shampoo (no harsh chemicals or insecticide), Natural flea and tick after bath treatment, 72 hour protection flea prevention treatment.

ADD-ON Healthy Teeth Package – $30

Add to any of your packages for $30. Includes: Teeth Brushing with natural dog whitening toothpaste, Fresh and Healthy breath treatment, and teeth whitening treatment.


To schedule on the phone:

  1. Please call or TEXT 726-999-0582
  2. Answer our questionnaire to set up your appointment.
  3. Follow our instructions to prepare for your appointment!
  4. If we do not answer, please leave a voice message with your name, phone number, general location, and services needed.

To schedule online:

  1. Please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE (click here).
  2. Click on BOOK NOW.
  3. Choose the Service or Services of your Choice and send the request.
  4. Wait for our response to send you the questionnaire and get the necessary information to set up your appointment.
  5. Wait for confirmation of your appointment and follow instructions to prepare for you appointment!