“Cathy Sleeper does a helluva job on our 2 Standard Poodles, Jett and Rokit. Our poodles actually seem to enjoy it there. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. If you live in this neighborhood, this is your place!”

-Rebeca Drury,  owner of Jett and Rokit the Standard Poodles! (2015)


“Love this place. I’ve tried different places, but here my dog always comes out looking great and the perfume that they use lasts for about a week. Only thing is they don’t except credit or debit cards and I’m not one to carry cash or use checks. But when I see my dog come out, it brings a smile to my face and that makes it all worth it. Thank you Pink Poodle.”

-Cristina Diaz, owner of Buttercup the Pomeranian! (2015)

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Gloria C., owner of Lulu the Lhasa Apso says:

    Not only are the staff highly skilled dog groomers, but they genuinely care about your pet and their clients. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking high quality dog grooming services.


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