Our facilities

Welcome! If you don’t have time to drop by and give us a visit for a personal tour, you can check our place out right here!

Our place is cleaned after every day of work, but we ADDITIONALLY get professionally cleaned and disinfected by DISINFX! This way, we will continue to assure our customers that their pets are safe in our facilities and that there are no chances of them getting sick. We are proud to say we haven’t had a single incident of customers getting sick or infected since 1973!

Outside, we have a small waiting area where you can sit down and relax to wait for your pet if he or she is almost ready, or if you just came to have the nails done. We hope you enjoy the fact that now you have somewhere to sit down and read a little bit while you wait!


Inside, we have professional crates with safety mechanisms that can hold from the smaller to the biggest pet! All the crates have soft mats inside that provide not just a protection against potty accidents, but it also makes the crate warm and provides a surface for them to lay down. Upon request, we can either add a towel for your pet to snuggle on or you can bring your own towel/blanket!

IMAG1630 IMAG1632

We also count with professional grooming tables that accommodate pets of any size and need. They go all the way down to the floor or as tall as the groomer needs it. This means that if your dog has arthritis or any other type of disability, no matter the size, the groomer will be able to carry your pet and put it on the table for the pet to make no effort whatsoever.


We have 2 bath tubs: a big one and a small one. They both provide warm water and different water speeds. We use a higher speed on the body to get rid of the dirt and hair, while we use the lower speed for the head and ears.


We have 2 drying tables: one with a professional stand dryer and one with a professional floor dryer. We only dry our dogs by hand, we don’t use crate dryers because they could be dangerous, they quickly overheat, and they don’t dry the hair properly for our groomers to comfortably dry with.

The tubs and the dryers are on the back area of the shop, which is a separate room from the grooming area. This is because dogs that are going to be bathe and dried need to be in a room with warm temperature, while the groomers needs the A/C on when they work with so much warm equipment.

We also have crates in a separate small room that are reserved for nervous or anxious dogs that need their own space and privacy. This way, they are not constantly bothered with other dogs coming in and out and they won’t be startled by the constant flow of customers opening and closing the door.

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