About Pink Poodle

The Pink Poodle opened in 1962 in San Antonio, Texas… but how did it happen?

The story of the Pink Poodle starts with Mrs. Evelyn Fuller, who was proudly showing her high quality poodles all over Texas. She quickly realized how expensive it was (especially in that time) to keep her dogs groomed with the quality she wanted (and needed) and how difficult it was to get a decent standard breed grooming! So, she naturally decided to do it herself. She started a little grooming place in her backyard, but was quickly forced to move into an official location as her list of customers grew. Pretty soon after that, the new Pink Poodle Pet Grooming business thrived and became very popular. Mrs. Fuller retired and passed the business to her daughter, Barbara Black, who in turn inherited it to her daughter: Cathy Sleeper.

Today, Cathy Sleeper co-owns the business together with Andrea Sleeper, who is currently learning and preparing herself to be the 4th generation of female owners and groomers of the family. The intention is to keep it as a family business that continues to grow with each generation, without changing the classic and high quality grooming style that Mrs. Fuller passed down to her daughter and grand-daughter. Together, they provide their customers with the same show quality grooms that separated the Pink Poodle from the other local grooming businesses and they continue to treat your pet like FAMILY.

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