Summer is not over YET… Get 15% off your dog’s summer shavedown!


Yes, the beloved 15% off intern special IS BACK! Andrew and Amanda, our interns, are ready to give your dog an AMAZING summer shavedown for the lowest price of the year! If you want to take advantage of this amazing promo, all you have to do is:

  1. CALL to make an APPOINTMENT with one of our interns! MENTION you want the 15% off intern special. You can either choose the intern you prefer (Andrew or Amanda) or you can mention you don’t have a preference. 210-491-0221
  2. BE AWARE that our interns are JUST LEARNING. They are ready to do simple summer shavedowns, but they are in the process of becoming groomers. They can make mistakes and the result might not look the same as if you had gotten the haircut with a finished groomer.
  3. BE PATIENT. Interns are going to take longer to finish the haircut and they might make mistakes.

If you agree with these steps, then go ahead and call us to make your appointment! Want to know more about our interns? Click here to meet them!

* 15% discount will be applied to your shavedown’s base price. For example, on a big dog, the base price will be $51 instead of $60. Taxes and additional charges for extra services still apply. If you have multiple dogs, the 15% is applied to each dogs' base price individually!

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