We are BACK to NORMAL! + New Pet of the Week title!

Hello everyone! Though there are more than just a couple of announcements to be made before this month is over, here are the first two!:

1. We are out of the under-staffed situation!

Finally! We are back to normal, so we are taking more appointments a day. It should now be easier for y’all to come in any day! We really appreciate your patience and comprehension. We had a couple of rough weeks and we felt terrible when we couldn’t bring all of you in when you needed or wanted to. Now that we have all the people we need (the hiring campaign was a success!), we can go back to our normal ways! ❤

2. Starting next week (Tuesday, 6/30/2015), we will have this new thing called PET OF THE WEEK!

Each week, a lucky pet will receive the Pet of the Week award! The selected pet will receive a small card with the title “Pet of the week – Month” and it will be valid for a free prize! Each month, the prize will be different. For this month of July, the prize will be a free nail file… a $12 value! Good luck to all of our customers and their cute pets!
We look forward to introducing our new Pink Poodle staff and having our first July pets of the week… we are very excited!

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