We are hiring!

We are currently hiring FINISHED groomers that want to join the Pink Poodle family!

* Full-time position (from Tuesday to Saturday)
* Over 8 hours a day of work (some days, usually weekends)
* Commission salary (per dog groomed) 40%-50% commission
* Local family business, not a big corporation
* Busy days bring a fast-paced and fun environment for everyone
* At least 10 dogs per groomer a day! Which brings the potential of making OVER $600 (depending on the amount of dogs groomed) a week!

* Be a FINISHED groomer, you must already know how to finish your own haircuts.
* Know how to hand scissor.
* We don’t require education or certificates, but we require some EXPERIENCE.
* Knows how to finish breed cuts, such as schnauzers, cockers, bishons, poodles, etc.
* Have a reliable form of transportation
* Be honest and reliable
* Have a positive attitude: NO DRAMA!

Interested in applying? Send us a PM through Facebook or call Andrea Sleeper at 210-491-0221

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